Distributive Justice in Switzerland

Titleimage: Distributive Justice in Switzerland

Who should get how much and why? This is the central question driving JInCS, a research project on distributive justice in Switzerland. Understanding attitudes or preferences is important from a sociological point of view, since we sociologists believe that individual preferences are not of a random nature, but are shaped by the various contexts we are exposed to. But understanding the mechanisms behind attitudes towards distributive justice specifically, is also relevant for more practical purposes, such as for policymakers, since a lot of questions dominating political debate, are at their core, questions of distributive justice (e.g. introducing a minimum wage or not). So far, research on this topic in Switzerland has been very scarce and there are a lot of open questions. This is why JInCS aims at closing some of these gaps. With your help, we will come a little further in understanding what drives attitudes towards distributive justice and learn something more about human nature and maybe even about how society shapes our mindsets while we’re at it!